Welcome to Husdyrformidling Syd

Husdyrformidling Syd is owned by Frederik Clausen, who took over the company in 2005. The company has existed in over 20 years. We are now 6 employees and our office is placed in the southern part of Jutland only 20 km. from the German border.

We provide contact between purchasers and vendors of:

  • Complete herds of Danish Holstein-Friesian, Jerseys and Danish red in Denmark and for export.
  • Danish Holstein Friesian heifers and cows for Export.
  • Danish bull calves and put around 15.000 calves every year.

We have our own quarantine stables and own trucks for transportation.



The animals can be selected individually at the farm of origin together with the customer or by one of our experts on behalf of customer. We ensure that the health conditions are in accordance with the regulations of the importing country. All certifications and necessary tests are made by authorized veterinarians here in Denmark. We can inform that Danish cattle are free of: BVD, IBR, TB, Brusselosis, Q-fever, Leucosis. Each animal can be delivered with a pedigree issued by the respective Herdbook.

You are welcome to contact us for further information or if you have any questions about Danish Dairy Cattle and Danish Breeding Cattle.


Contact information

Husdyrformidling Syd

Årslev Kirkevej 3

6230 Rødekro


Phone: +45 74 63 16 17 / +45 20 80 38 50 / +45 20 80 38 56